La préservation de l’Histoire


22 June 2013, Manhattan, New York. The railroad of the forthcoming book ‘Le Paradis a photographer’ in the studio of Jean-Pierre Laffont.

 “How much is a photo showing the demolition of the Berlin Wall? “Asked the beginning of Jean-François Leroy. “Just € 0.88. “ 

Converted into dollars that’s about $ 1.20. The result of this question is to ask whether historical photos cost less than a cup of coffee.

Leroy and concludes: “If 25 years of archives do not report more than 200 € per month, a photographer, the profession has a bleak future. ”

Jean-François Leroy is the CEO’s oldest annual festival of photojournalism in the world: Visa pour l’Image . It will take place in early September 2014 in Perpignan. He wrote earlier this year for an editorial defending the rights and earnings of photographers.

It is true that in the world today, it is difficult to find a method to make and keep records – Why? Because there is simply no more time. It takes both ends meet and find stories that are worth to photograph and get involved.

Leroy asks: “If we fail to produce photographic evidence today, what are the archives of the future? ”

Jean-François Leroy is a longtime friend Eliane and Jean-Pierre Laffont. And it will be during the festival Visa pour l’Image that will be presented their book a photographer’s paradise, Tumultuous America 1960 – 1990 , published by Glitterati. Inc . will be screened as a video book during one of the evenings of the festival in front of thousands of fans, professional photographers and photojournalists. 

This book Heaven a photographer , Glitterati. Inc., was made ​​through the photographic archives of Jean-Pierre Laffont. Without archives would have been impossible to gather all the photos showing the last three decades American twenty-first century.

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